Fine Art Photography Retreat- Summer 2019 - Karolina Skorek Photography
Fine Art Photography Retreat- Summer 2019 - Karolina Skorek Photography
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Fine Art Photography Retreat

5th-10th July 2019

We will be staying near Magical Łeba,

and the Slowinski National Park, Poland

Escape from reality and step into capturing your creativity with surroundings to inspire magic!

The retreat offers the photographer a comprehensive package right from creation to the development of the final image, with a variety of styles including landscapes, model and conceptual genres.

Expression of interest at this stage only, while we work on the perfect package for you!

Please sign up for a newsletter with your  name and email  below and we will contact you very soon!

Fine Art Photography Retreat Summer 2019

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Whats already planned?

  • 3 days of creative work.
  • amazing models
  • costumes and props to fuel up your imagination!
  • and much more.
  • individual consultation on how to improve your art and editing.

Cost: tbc

Group size: min 10- max 15