Fine Art Portrait Workshop in North Wales - Karolina Skorek Photography
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Fine Art Portrait Photography Workshop

in North Wales

11 & 12 June 2022

location tbc (Flintshire)

During this workshop you will learn how to create the fine-art photoshoots. How to plan and source costumes, backdrops, how to communicate with hair and makeup artist so they work with you on your vision, and how to work with models and non-models to create portraits from your dreams.

Developed by Karolina Skorek, this workshop will guide you through the process of starting and developing and executing photoshoots from a place of true passion.

Find inspiration

We all love shooting but sometimes we fall short from inspiration. We loose touch, with the reason why we started to create in the first place. I will share my methods to stay creative and inspired.


Spend a day creating fine art portraits and  photographing a range of models with:

  • Access to studio wardrobe and costumes.
  • Specific lighting setups for each shooting bays.
  • Personal Mentoring with each bays.

Work on Your Vison

We all start by recreating a style that we’re attracted to, but there are steps that you can take right now to find your technique in Portrait Photography. 

We’ll discuss what you can do now and how you can execute those steps to elevate your work and stay original and inspired.


About the Artist

Karolina Skorek is a multidisciplinary artist and a fine art photographer. 

Karolina has over 18 years of experience in creating art that can be described as Magical Realism, and with many international exhibitions, publications, gold and silver awards as well as competitions that she won, she is becoming a recognisable name in the industry.

Karolina has worked with many celebrities, models, and companies who have fallen in love with the painterly and surreal style of her art. Her artworks appeared in many print publications with the most recent editorial for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

I am thrilled to be offer you this fine art photography workshop! I will be  sharing my creative techniques, that I have developed through my career.  With my endless love to Old Masters of Renaissance and Baroque paintings and after studying their style and techniques for many years I have developed a style of portrait photography that is an homage to my Masters, but with a modern twist.  And I am going to share those techniques with you.

We will explore your creativity and open new pathways of your imagination.

Working on your style with intention of creating stunning imagery with a message.

I will encourage you to have fun and trust yourself with your art and intuition—you may find an unexpected and innovative themes in your creative photography work.

I will be guiding you from the beginning with the seed of an idea through a beautiful photo shoots and post-production process them.

There is only 11 seats for this workshop, to keep the event intimate and so that I make sure you all get the mentoring you need. 

K Fine Art Portrait Photography Workshops

What is included?

Day One:

We will start with idea generating techniques I use every day to keep myself creative. We will go through sources of inspiration and how to stay true to your vision. 

Bring a notebook/sketchbook as well- you might want to catch that sparks of inspiration as they happen.

Portfolio building sessions.
Bring your camera! You’ll be shooting and assisting throughout the day on multiple sets and with multiple models. Also wear comfy shoes as you will be on your feet – a lot this day. 

Day Two:

Class Day! We will have a lot of time to discuss your
We will have a group critique of the imagery you created, and discuss how you can create a cohesive portfolio and art.
Then we will have a retouching and photoshop class so please bring a laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed on it.
Refreshments will be provided for both days 

TOTAl Price | £599

(increases to £1099 after May 20th)

Important Things to Remember:

Please understand that all sales are final and non-refundable.

Should something come up you are welcome to resell your seat for the workshop to someone else for the price originally paid however we cannot help you facilitate that sale.

You will need to connect the buyer with the studio for registration transfer following the sale.

Things to bring with you!

Camera, lens(es), batteries (charger), memory cards

Laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed for editing

Comfortable shoes

Notebook and pen for notes!!!

Please note that flight or transport and hotel accommodations are NOT included in the price.

Closest Airport: Liverpool and Manchester, UK

Nearby Hotels: 

◊ Travelodge Chester Northop Hall

◊ Holiday Inn A55 Chester West

◊ Old Whitewell Farm B&B

Karolina Skorek Fine Art Portrait Photography Workshops

TOTAl Price | £599

(increases to £1099 after May 20th)

There will be two available appointments on june 11th to be photographed by Karolina.