Would you like to learn how to create breathtaking images through your personal vision? How to tell a story with your photos?

This hands on two day workshop you will give you a chance to learn how to create stunning photographs.

This is an action and inspiration packed two day hands on workshop covering a wide range of topics from artistic to technical and philosophical, looking at fine-art photography!

The aim of the workshop is to have you ‘think outside the box’ and consider that you don’t need a production team to help execute your personal artistic vision. We will shoot on location in a woodland, showing the ingredients involved in creating an image, followed by a panel discussion.
Lets discuss the ingredients that go into planning a shoot, mood-boards, lets go over symbols and why they are important when planning a shoot, as well as some ideas on how to boost your creativity.

On the second day firstly we will have a short session in the studio, and we will go over shooting in small spaces. Following that we will go over the importance of image selection, ‘why Photoshop’, simple retouching and also tips on creative compositing and magical storytelling.

The maximum number of attendees is 6 to keep the event intimate.