I`m a fine art portrait photographer and illustrator.

I was born in Poland, where I studied on Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating I moved to Wales where I currently live, I also graduated from Glyndwr University  with a Masters Degree in Illustration.

I am based in North Wales, but travel for projects around Europe.

I always merge Fine Art Approach and style of photography and video into all my commercial projects.

As a fine art artist it is crucial for me to stay true to my style, by doing so my customers know what to expect from the finished piece.

You can find me on:

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Main clients:

Archery GB,                         Wales Rugby League, 

Corset Story UK,                              Leaf on Bold st,

North Wales Crusaders,            Cadwyn Clywd, 

Titan Marketing,                         Dee 106.3 

Stuart Reardon PT,                     Leiss Fitness

1260 Avant Garde Gallery,         5 Events

Individual Exhibitions

“Tales”, Photography and illustrations Exhibition, 1260 Gallery, Chester 12.2015

“Gum Bichromate”, Photography and Art Exhibition, The Art Gallery, Bootle, Liverpool 05.2013

“Slavic Tales”, Photography Exhibition, Muza, Sosnowiec, Poland 06.2012

“Slavic Tales”, Photography Exhibition, Manufaktura, Wrocław, Poland 01.2012

“Slavic Tales”, Photography Exhibition, Platon, Florence, Italy 08.2011

“Modern Woman”, Solo photography Exhibition, Cargo, Florence, Italy 01.2011

“Perfect Woman” photography and painting exhibition, Art Café, Sosnowiec, Poland 09.2009

 Group Exhibitions

“Tales, Travel and Tolerance” Photography Exhibition, Oriel, Glyndwr Wrexham 04.2016-07.2016

“Extreme Jewelry” exhibition of Katarzyna Gemborys glass jewelery with fine art photography, Minden, Germany, 03.2016

“Extreme Jewelry” PhD exhibition of Katarzyna Gemborys – fine art photography of glass pieces, ASP im E. Gepperta, Wroclaw, Poland   01.2016

“Fragilita” – Gallery Za Szkłem, ASP im.E.Gepperta, Wrocław, Poland 11.2015

Gloop for Helfa Gelf, illustration and photography, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK 09.2015

“Kobiecosci/Sensual”,  Muzeum Sleżańskie, Sobótka, Poland 10.2014

“UndegUn”, Helfa Gelf,  Wrexham, UK 09.2014

“Gloop for Helfa Gelf”, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK 09.2014

“HET KLEDEN VAN DE NAAKTEN”, Forma Aktua | Pinakotheek, Groningen, Netherlands 08.2014

“Eastern Wall”, Handel’s Court Gallery, Chester, UK 02.2013

“Professional Photographer of the Year 2012”, Cheltenham, UK 05.2013

“Curiouser & Curiouser”, The New Welsh Assembly Building, Shrewsbury, UK 09.2012

“Stained Glass: Marta Sienkiewicz and Students”, Muzeum Piastów Polskich, Brzeg, Poland 06.2010

“Glass Design Exhibition”, “Enter” Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 05.2010

“M.A Show”, BWA, Wroclaw, Poland 10.2009

“Wielka Szajba 2.” Design Museum, Wrocław, Poland 11.2008

“Sale”, Glyndwr, Wrexham, UK 02.2008

“Wielka Szajba”, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów, Poland 01.2008

“Wielka Szajba”, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów, Poland 12.2007

“Plener Malarski”, ASP, Wrocław, Poland 09.2009


“Professional Photographer of the Year 2012”, 2nd in Black and White Category 2013

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2009

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2008

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2007

“Wszędzie Niebiesko, Wszędzie Zielono” International Artists Contest, Warsaw, 2004

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