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Karolina Skorek

Karolina is a Polish artist.

After she graduated with her Masters Degree in glass design and painting , she did another M.A from Illustration in North Wales where she is now based.

She is based in North Wales but travels for projects worldwide.

Attracted to the light, which was used by the Old Masters of Painting she found a great passion for painting and drawing  in her style of photography.

Karolina creates surreal images that are dark yet beautiful and full of hope, by using ethereal, whimsical and fairytale visuals.  Each picture is carefully designed, planned and sketched out and then created. Those works, heavily edited to achieve painterly effect yet remain fully photographic, depict wild imagination filled with dark, dream-like scenes with whimsical subjects. Each story brings light and hopes to the brooding melancholy we all have inside us. 

You may commission Karolina to create original artwork through collaboration, or bring your own concept to the table.

Turn your dream into striking photographic art for advertising, look books , book covers, album art, personalized photo shoots and more.

Would you like to have a beautiful portrait of your child, yourself or someone else? A personal artwork? Or maybe you have another question?

Feel free to ask: info@karolinaskorek.com

Quick Folio

Lets Talk!

If you have questions (or friendly love notes) about my products or services, email me at:


07826 035 400

Every message is read and responded to in 48 business hours, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Your message is of utmost importance to me, so if you feel I might have missed your email, feel free to drop a note again. I`m here to take great care of you