• MRes, School of Education and Psychology, Bangor University, Bangor, UK. 01.2023-01.2024 Research subject: “Using a Creative Space to Engage Young People: Investigating the Feasibility of Using Professional Theatre to Enhance Personal Resilience in Children and Young People.”
  • MA Art Interdisciplinary Practice, Glyndwr University, Wrexham, UK 09. 2021-09.2023 Research subject: “Dreams in Slavic Cultures”
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Glyndwr University, UK 09.2016 – 08.2017 Research subject: “Is outdoor learning and experimental education an answer to better creativity and stress relief in HE students?”
  • M.A in Illustration, Glyndwr University, Wrexham, UK 10.2010- 09.2011 Research subject: “Etnodesign” analysis of a design trend. M.A artwork: “Slavic Tales” photorealistic and traditional illustrations for Slavic mythology.
  • M.A Glass Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 10.2004 – 10.2009 Desideration and research subject: “Street Art Phenomenon, analysis of the art movement on selected works”. M.A artwork: Glass Industrial Design: “Eggy” Breakfast set of 7 pieces including plates, small cereal or fruits bowl, glasses, butter container, juice bottle, salt and pepper containers. Artistic Glass: “Artistic Glass in a Public Space” sculpture made from black steel and fused glass rods and LED lights. Diploma Appendix: “Painting effects in Photography” painting and photography


WPE Second Half 2022 – Portrait Creative, one of the selected winners

WPE Second Half  2022, Photomanipulation, one of the selected winners

Top 10 Fashion Photographers 2022, OneEyeland, Rank 1 in the UK 

Top 10 Fine Art Photographers 2022, OneEyeland, Rank 3 in theUK.  

Scarab Short Film Festival, Dubai, Experimental Short Film. official selection.

Roots, See.Me Exhibition 2022 – Honorable Mention

The Portrait Masters May 2022: Teen and Senior 2nd Place, Creative Portrait 5th, 12th,19th and 20th Place

Passion, See.Me Exhibition 2022 – Finalist (with images and short films)

The Portrait Masters Jan 22: Movement Category Winner

Last Trierenberg Super Circuit 2022: Award winner for “Colour Extasy” category

FAPA 21/22- Fine Art Photography Awards: – Fine Art Nominee

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Professional Single Image Runner Up

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Category Winner : Fine Art Single Image

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Honorable Mention: Digital and Nude & Figure and Fine Art Series.

The Global Art Awards 2021 | The Finalist of the Photography category

The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Finalist 2021 | INPRNT Photography Category

Siena Photography Awards 2021 Commended Image in the Creative Photo Awards

FAPA 2020/2021 Nominee in Portrait, Fine Art and Photomanipulation

World`s Top 10 Fashion Photographers 2020, One Eyeland, Rank 4 in the World and Rank 1 in United Kingdom.

WPPI Second Half 2020, Third Place in the Creative Portrait Division

The Portrait Masters 2020,The “Creative Portrait” Category Winner.

One Eyeland World`s top 10 Fine Art Photographers,

WPPI First Half 2020, Second Place in the Creative Portrait Division

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020, Digital Art Finalist

SIPA 2020, Siena International Photo Awards, commended image in Creative Portraiture.

The Portrait Masters 2020, The “Teens and Seniors” Category Winner.

The Frame, Samsung , Featrured Artist and the ATM finalist, Miami, 12.2019.

The Portrait Masters 2019, Top 20 Portrait Photographer in the “Teens and Seniors” Category.

Her Story 2019 Finalist, New York City, 03.2019

Fine Art Photography Competition, SWPP 2017

Professional Photographer of the Year 2012, 2nd in Black and White Category.

Scholarship for Artistic Developments, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw. years: 2009, 2008, 2007

Wszędzie Niebiesko, Wszędzie Zielono, International Artists Contest, Warsaw.2000,



Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • Dreamscapes, Insert Gallery, Wrexham, 01.2024
  • Cabinet of Curiosities, Tichauer Gallery, Tychy Poland, 12.2023
  • Lux et Umbra, Goldenmark Gallery, Opole Poland, 01.2023
  • Lux et Umbra, Goldenmark Gallery, Katowice Poland, 09.2022 (exhibition under the patronage and sponsorship of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and the President of the Sosnowiec City)
  • London Dreamers, permanent art installation at the TOWER BRIDGE HOUSE London, 2020 Archetypy kobiet w połączeniu ze szkłem i fotografią, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland, 09.2019
  • Tales, Lot11, Wrexham, UK 06.2018 Jung’s Archetypen der Frau in Verbindung mit Glas und Fotografien, Minden, Germany. 03.2016
  • Tales, 1260 Gallery, Booth Mansion, Chester. 12.2015 (exhibition with patronage and sponsorship of High Sheriff of Cheshire)
  • Fragilita, Gallery Za Szkłem, ASP im.E.Gepperta, Wrocław. 11.2015
  • Kobiecosci/Sensual, Muzeum Śleżańskie, Sobótka. 10.2014
  • Gum Bichromate, The Art Gallery, Bootle, Liverpool, UK. 05.2013 Slavic Tales, Muza, Sosnowiec. 06.2012
  • Slavic Tales, Manufaktura, Wrocław, Poland 01.2012
  • Slavic Tales, wystawa fotografii, Platon, Florence, Italy 08.2011
  • Perfect Woman, photography and painting exhibition, Art Café, Sosnowiec, 09.2009

The Cinema in the City, Dreamers Screening FACT Liverpool, UK. 07.2022 

“PASSION” top 10 finalist, SeeMe, Gallery Azulejo, 54 Orchard Street, New York, 07.2022

Portraits Responding to Rembrandt, Part of National Portrait Gallery Masterpiece Tour, Oriel Davies, Wales, UK 2022

Scarab Short Film Festival, Dubai, Experimental Short Film (Dreamers Shortfilm). official selection.

IMAGINE the UNIMAGINABLE!”, SIPA finalist exhibition, Siena, Italy 10.2020

“Art Saves Humanity”, online exhibition, 05.2020

“S/he Persisted…”, top 10 finalist, SeeMe, NYC Armory week, Bandit Space, New York, 03.2020

Art Takes Miami, finalist, SeeMe, SCOPE Miami, Miami Beach, USA, 12.2019

Her Story, finalist, SeeMe, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City, USA 03.2019

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2019, New York City, USA 03.2019

Domeville, Art Basel Grand Opening, Miami Dome, Miami, Fl, USA 12.2018

SeeMe takes Miami, SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami, FL, USA 12.2019

Her Story, SeeMe, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City, USA 03.2019

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2019, New York City, USA 03.2019

Domeville, Art Basel Grand Opening, Miami Dome, Miami, Fl, USA 12.2018

SeeMe takes Miami, SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami, FL, USA 12.2018

Tales, Travel and Tolerance Photography Exhibition, Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Glyndwr Wrexham 04.2016

Kobiecości, ASP Museum, Wrocław. 01.2016

Gloop for Helfa Gelf, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK. 09.2015

UndegUn, Helfa Gelf, Wrexham, UK. 09.2014

Gloop for Helfa Gelf, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK. 09.2014

Het Kleden Van De Naakten, Forma Aktua | Pinakotheek, Groningen, Netherlands. 8.2014

Eastern Wall, Photography and Art Exhibition, Handel’s Court Gallery, Chester, UK 02.2013

Professional Photographer of the Year 2012, Photography Award and Exhibition, Cheltenham, UK. 05.2013

Curiouser & Curiouser, The New Welsh Assembly Building, Shrewsbury, UK. 09.2012

Stained Glass: Marta Sienkiewicz and Students, Muzeum Piastów Polskich, Brzeg, Poland. 06.2010

Glass Design Exhibition, Enter Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia. 05.2010

Wystawa Dyplomowa, Glass Design, Painting and Fine Art Photography, BWA, Wroclaw. 10.2009

Wielka Szajba 2, Design Museum, Wrocław, 11.2008

Sale, Painting Exhibition, Glyndwr, Wrexham, UK. 02.2008

Wielka Szajba, Glass Exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów. 01.2008

Wielka Szajba, Glass Exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów. 12.2007

Plener Malarski painting exhibition, ASP, Wrocław. 09.2006


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