Curriculum Vitae
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Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Glyndwr University, UK 2016 – 2017

Master of Arts  in Illustration, Glyndwr University, UK 2010 – 2011

Master of Arts in Glass Design , Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland 2004 – 2009

Individual Exhibitions

Tales, Lot11, Wrexham, UK 06.2018

Jung’s Archetypen der Frau in Verbindung mit Glas und Fotografien, Minden, Germany. 03.2016

Tales, 1260 Gallery, Chester. 12.2015

Fragilita, Gallery Za Szkłem, ASP im.E.Gepperta, Wrocław. 11.2015

Kobiecosci/Sensual, Muzeum Sleżańskie, Sobótka. 10.2014

Gum Bichromate, The Art Gallery, Bootle, Liverpool, UK. 05.2013

Slavic Tales, Muza, Sosnowiec. 06.2012

Slavic Tales, Manufaktura, Wrocław, Poland 01.2012

Slavic Tales, wystawa fotografii, Platon, Florence, Italy 08.2011

Perfect Woman, wystawa fotografii i malarstwa, Art Café, Sosnowiec, 09.2009


The Frame, Samsung , Featrured Artist and the ATM  finalist, Miami, 12.2019

The Portrait Masters 2019, Top 20 Portrait Photographer in the “Teens and Seniors” Category.

Her Story 2019 Finalist, New York City, 03.2019


Group Exhibitions

SeeMe takes Miami, SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami, FL, USA 12.2019

Her Story, SeeMe, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City, USA 03.2019

Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2019, New York City, USA 03.2019

Domeville, Art Basel Grand Opening, Miami Dome, Miami, Fl, USA 12.2018

SeeMe takes Miami, SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami, FL, USA 12.2018

Tales, Travel and Tolerance Photography Exhibition, Oriel, Glyndwr Wrexham 04.2016

Kobiecości, ASP Museum, Wrocław. 01.2016

Gloop for Helfa Gelf, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK. 09.2015

UndegUn, Helfa Gelf, Wrexham, UK. 09.2014

Gloop for Helfa Gelf, Squash Court, Chirk Castle, UK. 09.2014

Het Kleden Van De Naakten, Forma Aktua | Pinakotheek, Groningen, Netherlands. 8.2014

Eastern Wall, Photography and Art Exhibition, Handel’s Court Gallery, Chester, UK 02.2013

Professional Photographer of the Year 2012, Photography Award and Exhibition, Cheltenham, UK. 05.2013

Curiouser & Curiouser, The New Welsh Assembly Building, Shrewsbury, UK. 09.2012

Stained Glass: Marta Sienkiewicz and Students, Muzeum Piastów Polskich, Brzeg, Poland. 06.2010

Glass Design Exhibition, Enter Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia. 05.2010

Wystawa Dyplomowa, Glass Design, Painting and Fine Art Photography, BWA, Wroclaw. 10.2009

Wielka Szajba 2, Design Museum, Wrocław, 11.2008

Sale, Painting Exhibition, Glyndwr, Wrexham, UK. 02.2008

Wielka Szajba, Glass Exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów. 01.2008

Wielka Szajba, Glass Exhibition, Modern Art Museum, Bełchatów. 12.2007

Plener Malarski painting exhibition, ASP, Wrocław. 09.2006