Prints from the Nature and printing workshops


In my practice, I explore themes related to identity, culture, and the natural world and the relationship between humans and nature. I work with photography, film, and arte digitale, but I often find myself coming back to the traditional techniques like printmaking and drawing. I combine traditional and digital approaches such as connecting natural materials like ink, textile, clay, plaster or found object with both digital and traditional printmaking techniques. 

My work not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also highlights the importance of mindfulness and taking time to connect with the natural world.
Here you can see some of the works I created with Nature – the sotries that it told me. 
Also there is some photos from back workshops I taught on the subject. 



This subject ties closely to the research paper I wrote back in 2017 titled „Is Outdoor Learning and Experimental Education an answer to better creativity and stress relief in HE students?” 
Research was focused on reducing the stress levels and rising the creativity and cognitive learning with HA art students, by taking them away from their usual environment (studio class) and running the class in a natural environment. This investigation was part of a study connected to an Outdoor Learning and an Experimental learning.

In-person workshops about art of Nature Printing. 

I was researching the outdoor learning and experiential education that have become increasingly popular. I was investigating if there is a connection between them and a way to reduce stress levels and enhance creativity in higher education students.

This type of education involves taking students out of their usual learning environment and immersing them in natural settings. The aim of this approach is to improve cognitive learning and reduce stress levels among students.

During my research I have organised series of workshops where students had a hands-on expirience of gathering materials, journaling ideas and then printing their designs. After the workshops there were handed a questionnaire about stress levels, and overall mental state. Data gathered has shown that in-person workshops have been found to be particularly effective in reducing stress levels among students. Answers collected has shown that HA art students found that 75% of participants reported decreased stress levels after attending a workshop in a natural environment. Additionally, 95% of students reported feeling relaxed during the workshop.


I focused on botanical printing during those workshops. It involves using ink and natural plant materials to create art on paper and textiles. This technique  can be easily replicated at home without the need for a printing press. It has been suggested that the use of botanical printing in outdoor learning and experimental education can promote a greater appreciation for nature and encourage creativity among participants.

Overall, the evidence suggests that outdoor learning and experimental education, can be an effective way to reduce stress levels and enhance creativity among higher education students. The use of techniques such as botanical printing can further promote well-being and sustainability.